Welcome to Sanchez Energy Corporation’s career page. We offer talented and motivated individuals the opportunity to make an impact and achieve their full career potential.

Sanchez Energy Corporation has an entrepreneurial culture with strong leadership and experience, as well as deep roots and appreciation for the communities in which we operate. Our focus is on growing people—not just production—and we strive to surround ourselves with talented people who share our passion for excellence and who will bring out the best in our team.

As a fast-growing public company, we offer exciting opportunities for self-starters willing to work hard, go the extra mile and operate at the leading edge of the energy industry. We provide our employees with the tools, competitive benefits and growth opportunities they need to excel in their role, and to build a lifelong career.

As an innovator and leading player in unconventional drilling and shale development, we attribute our growth and success to having the best and brightest by our side. As we plan for the future, we are always looking for future leaders to join our team.