Life at Sanchez Energy

Sanchez Energy’s greatest resource is our people. Our team values safety, integrity and quality above all else, without exception. We work hard, we work together, and we hold each other to the highest standards and expect nothing less in return. We bring safety, integrity and quality to work with us each day and strive to share it in the communities in which we operate.

Our Employees


-Will, Geoscience

“I love working for a company with people who think for themselves. From building its own customized proprietary operations-support software system, to utilizing the latest technologies like the zipper fracturing method, Sanchez Energy is an exciting company to be a part of. I believe this is a career destination where I can grow and optimize my potential, versus a job stop along the way.”

-Ed, Marketing & Regulatory

“Over my past 20 years with Sanchez, I can tell you one thing for certain: they care. They care about me, my career trajectory and they care about the people where we have operations. We are truly one team – and successes are shared. The company leaders know me by name and know about me personally. There are not many companies that can say that.”

Our Internship Program

Lourdes, Geoscience Intern

The internship at Sanchez has allowed me to integrate both academic learnings and experience on the field, to become a more innovative geophysicist. I have had hands-on involvement in ongoing projects to work in different areas of expertise such as production, drilling and completion.  Also, Sanchez is a staff of helpful and kind people who are always willing to provide you with the tools you need to grow as a professional and to know how the Oil industry works.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

As one of fastest growing exploration and production companies today, Sanchez Energy is known for its entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit, which drives our team to succeed. Whether in the field or in the office, our culture fosters a work environment fueled by creativity, excellence and outside-the-box thinking.

Recent graduates and seasoned executives alike are attracted to the wide array of opportunities for advancement and personal enrichment that Sanchez Energy offers. Our success stems from challenging the status quo, and opportunities abound for those unafraid to apply new ideas to old problems. Raising the bar toward greater safety, integrity, and quality within the industry is no easy task, but it is a challenge our team readily accepts to do its part to protect the communities in which we live and operate.