Our engineers work closely with our service providers to design a completion plan that focuses on maximizing well productivity and efficiency in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We achieve this goal through stringent compliance of best practices and continuous improvement of our processes. Each completion operation is implemented by highly trained personnel who manage the job from pre-job analysis to on-site operations, concluding with post-job analysis and reporting.

  • Zipper Fracturing: We hydraulically fracture two or more adjacent wells simultaneously (“zipper frac”), which has the dual benefit of enhancing the overall rock fracture performance as well as utilizing pressure pumping services more effectively and thereby reducing costs. In addition, truck traffic from frac fleets and material hauling is significantly reduced which minimizes our footprint and impact on the environment.
  • Technology and Technique: We continue to explore the latest technologies in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal completion design that add the most value to our assets. Well productivity and execution metrics are evaluated after each completion to optimize and improve designs on all future wells.
  • Environmental Awareness:  We are committed to delivering services in a manner that minimizes our impact on the environment. We continually seek products and processes that help us operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Our personnel receive continual training on procedures aimed at safeguarding the public, themselves and the environment.