Drilling Rig - Sanchez Energy Corporation

We utilize modern and state-of-the-art drilling rigs with experienced crews to deliver industry-leading performance. The majority of these rigs have bi-directional walking systems that enable efficient multi-well pad development of unconventional shale resources. These rigs deliver unprecedented safety, value and performance through shorter drilling times and rig move cycles, thereby increasing productivity and lowering total well costs while ensuring more consistent, trouble-free operations.

  • Modern Rigs: Our contracted rigs are equipped with AC top drives, heavy duty lifting systems and mud pumps which are specifically designed for long laterals in unconventional resources. Additionally, most have bi-directional skidding systems capable of quickly moving between wells on the same pad, as well as flexible setup and takedown procedures to minimize moving time between pads.
  • Pad Drilling: We use multi-well pad drilling which reduces rig mobilization time and cost while minimizing surface disturbance.
  • Drilling Zone Precision: We have the operational ability to successfully drill narrow windows in our laterals – often only 9 to 12 feet vertically – allowing us to stay within our optimal target to enhance our completions.
  • Environmental Protection: Environmental protection is a priority in our well design as well as our operations.  We utilize sophisticated casing and cementing design as well as procedures to ensure the long term durability of our wells.  Our operations are designed and operated to be zero spill which meets or exceeds all federal, state and local regulations.