Good wells start with good geology, and Sanchez Energy’s deep bench of technical experts utilizes the latest technology in our pursuit of economic wells. A central component of this strategy is leveraging our proprietary database, latest technology and multi-basin experienced professionals to capture new opportunities and conduct robust technical (engineering and geologic) due diligence to ensure that the financial and strategic objectives of a given opportunity are consistent with the technical fundamentals of the underlying asset base.


Screenshot of 3-D Seismic

Proprietary Geologic Database: Sanchez Energy has access to an extensive subsurface oil and gas database covering a large area across Texas, the Gulf Coast and Midcontinent as well as numerous other basins across the US and Latin America. It includes more than 9,250 square miles of 3-D seismic data, 49,000 miles of 2-D seismic data, 437,000 digital well logs, 98,000 scanned well documents, numerous basin and core studies as well as a fully integrated suite of the latest geoscience interpretation software.


3-D display of microseismic events from zipper frac

Technology: Sanchez Energy’s geoscience team utilizes leading edge technology to conduct New Venture exploration play analyses as well as to appraise and develop current acreage. These include: seismic structural and stratigraphic attribute analysis on the 3D seismic datasets which cover all of our producing assets, an active pilot hole appraisal program, micro-seismic acquisition and interpretation of hydraulic fracturing, high resolution formation evaluation in laterals, advanced real time geo-steering, and tracer-based reservoir surveillance.

Our pilot hole program is intentionally designed to gather the key, focused subsurface data as early as possible in the project life cycle to provide direct guidance on drilling and completions development planning. Pilot hole data is composed of whole and rotary core data in addition to high technology wire line logs. The data is used to provide empirical measurement of mineralogical, fluid and mechanical rock properties which are then integrated into the 3D seismic dataset. The resulting rock property distribution is used as a roadmap in the development of our assets.

Expertise: Sanchez Energy’s geoscience team is composed of a collaborative mix of veteran explorers with conventional and unconventional experience and early career professionals with extensive training obtained from major oil companies. Geoscience experience extends across all major basins of North America and many South American, Middle Eastern, African and Asian basins. Our geoscience senior staff possesses worldwide exploration and development experience gained from large independents and majors. Unconventional subsurface operational experience includes Eagle Ford, Bakken, Haynesville, Monterey, and Marcellus.