Process & Systems

While conventional drilling requires the same basic steps to move a well from idea to production, the volume and speed at which that happens is dramatically greater when executing an unconventional drilling program.  The exchange of information between departments becomes much more critical in both quality and timing.  Successful unconventional resource companies need to have processes much more similar to repetitive manufacturing instead of custom, one-off well drilling.

Sanchez Energy has implemented our Operational Support System (“OSS”) to provide complete transparency for our well program across our organization.  OSS eliminates the drag in our organization, creates schedule nimbleness and clearly identifies bottlenecks and idle capital dollars.

OSS delivers first oil faster and at a lower cost than the prevailing independent and localized approaches. By assessing, planning and executing all activity across the development and production system, we are reducing working capital through higher utilization of assets and improving returns on capital by gaining speed and reducing costs. OSS makes the end-to-end process more consistent and predictable and establishes a clear line of sight between strategy and execution.

OSS System Overview

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