Check Detail Example

Check Detail Example - Sanchez En


  1. Owner Number: Unique identifier Sanchez Energy (SN) has assigned to the owner.
  2. Check Number: Check number issued to you.  Also appears on check portion of your payment
  3. Check Date: This is the day SN cut your revenue check.  This is not the month of production we are paying you for which can be found in the lower section in the column entitled, “Prod Date”
  4. Check Amount: The total amount of your check
  5. Prod Date: This is the month and year of sales for which we are paying you.
  6. Prod Code: This is the commodity for which we are paying you.  We will use the following abbreviations in this field:
    • OIL – Oil (measured in Barrels)
    • GAS – Wellhead or residue gas (measured in mcf)
    • PPROD – Plant Products/NGLs (measured in Gallons)
    • COND: Condensate (measured in Barrels)
  7. BTU: BTU Factor – the measurement of the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit
  8. Type Int: Interest Type – the type of interest you have in this property.  We pay on the following Interest types:
    • WI, WI1 – Working Interest
    • RI, RI1 – Royalty Interest
    • ORRI, OR1 – Overriding Royalty Interest
  9. Price: Price per unit of measurement
  10. Gross Volume: The Gross volume of a product sold from your property
  11. Gross Value: Gross Value of the product sold from your property (Gross Volume x Price)
  12. Gross Deductions: Gross taxes or other marketing/transportation costs deducted from gross revenues.  You will most commonly see TXSEV (Texas Severance Tax) and TXREG (Texas Regulatory Fee) listed here.
  13. Gross Net: Revenues after taxes and any fees have been deducted (Gross volume x Price – Deductions)
  14. Interest:    A decimal used to reflect your proportionate share of production from a property. The payment decimal can differ from your Division of Interest Decimal (DOI) decimal. If there are multiple working interest owners in a property, your payment decimal may be adjusted to reflect your proportionate share of the volumes the lease received for that month.
  15. Paid Interest: Will typically be the same as Interest (#14) unless gas balancing exists.  In this case you will see your actual interest paid
  16. Owner Value: Your proportionate share of the property’s revenues.  (Gross Value x Interest)
  17. Owner Deductions: Your proportionate share of the gross taxes or deducts deducted from gross revenues.  (Gross Deducts x Interest)
  18. Owner Net Share: Your net revenues after any deductions.  (Owner Value – Owner Deductions)
  19. Property Number: Unique identifier SN has assigned the property for which you are being paid
  20. Property Name: Name of property for which you are being paid
  21. State & County: State and county in which your property resides
  22. Deduct: This is the type of deduction being withheld from your revenues (see #12 for amount being withheld).