Cristo Rey Jesuit Students

Henry, Sr. Reservoir Engineer, works with Cristo Rey Jesuit Students at the Sanchez Energy Corporation headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Sanchez Energy takes pride in serving the communities where we work and live and we are committed to investing resources into programs that mirror our values. We strongly believe that today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders, and it is our goal to provide them with opportunities that can facilitate their growth and promote learning.  Texas has one of the largest youth populations in the country and if we help youths graduate and concurrently train them to be productive members of our workforce, then Texas could bring in billions more in state income, making it one of the most competitive states in the nation.

We are committed to help combat the alarming high school dropout rates found in economically-challenged families in the Houston metropolitan area. To accomplish this goal, Sanchez Energy has joined forces with a unique, innovative, educational model that tackles this very concern. This benefits not only the students in need but also our city and inevitably our state and country.

This program involves the Cristo Rey Jesuit Preparatory High School.  The students are required to take part in the school’s Corporate Work-Study Program, whereby they earn 50 percent of their private-school education by working one day a week in blue-ribbon corporations across Houston. The students build invaluable corporate skills while working alongside seasoned professionals. This program demonstrates the direct relevance between what they learn in school and how they can succeed in the workforce in the future.  This innovative model is backed by an academic record that speaks for itself—each of the school’s two graduating classes have graduated with 100% acceptance into college.

Sanchez Energy has been a key supporter of the program and has been involved with Cristo Rey Jesuit since its doors opened in 2009, serving as one of the first corporate sponsors. We have sponsored over 40 students thus far with eight more arriving for the 2016-17 school year. As the students grow and learn, we are passionate about their development and ultimately understand that their success will only positively influence the surrounding Houston communities.